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Bridging to Employment for newcomers

The PAMC Bridging to Employment for Newcomers Program assists eligible skilled newcomer, immigrant and new Canadian participants with CLB Level 5+ to develop communications, digital literacy, life and employment skills needed by Saskatchewan employers and become self sufficient enough to apply them in the labour market.

A client-based needs assessment will be strictly followed for each individual participant, identifying the essential requirements to obtain career growth along with a combination of:

  • employment skills training – which may include life skills training, job readiness, communications, computer basics, and/ or entry level skills training

  • work experience, and

  • job maintenance support such as mentoring and career counselling


The Bridging to Employment for Newcomers Program is a:

-  30 hours per week for a 10-week classroom training instruction followed by a 10-week paid work placement.


- The classroom training instruction will be Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 3:30pm.

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Following the 10-week in-classroom training, participants take part in a paid work placement arranged by coordination of the participants and the Program Instructor/ Coordinator.  Serious consideration will be made to place participants in their respective work placements that commensurate to their career goals, training, skills, and language ability. 

A wage subsidy might cover the wages for the work placement.


- Immigrants, Newcomers and/or new Canadians with CLB level 5 or higher

- Unemployed or underemployed

- Be legally entitled to work in Canada and Saskatchewan

- Be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or hold a Temporary Resident Permit

- Be at least 16 years of age or, for settlement services, 18 years of age

- Have a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN) or temporary SIN’s (first number is a “9”)

- May need to be a Saskatchewan resident to be eligible for certain programs (e.g. Training voucher, PTA etc)


Participants may also be eligible to receive income support during the classroom portion of the program through the Provincial Training Allowance (PTA).



PAMC AT 306-922-0400.

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