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Multicultural Youth Ambassador Program


It is an annual program which focuses on Youth engagement and participation in the community. Youth participants will be given an opportunity to propose a youth-led initiatives that focus on reconciliation, anti-racism, diversity, inclusion and democratic engagement and strengthening youth resilience in the community.  The youth participants will work on their respective community projects and also become the - PAMC Youth Council and Ambassadors.

Participant Eligibility

- 16–30 years old
- Must propose a Youth-led project/initiative 
- Project must focus on reconciliation, anti-racism, arts, cultures, diversity and inclusion
- Resident of Prince Albert or surrounding communities
- Able to travel to meetings, activities and events
- Interested and must commit to attend leadership and project management training
- Interested in community engagement and betterment
- Committed to complete project on time
- Interested in further development through youth council placement to community organizations as part of project completion

Project Eligibility

- Must be Youth-led and delivered initiative/project, and involve some youth participants
- Must benefit a wide and diverse range of people and interest
- Starts in June, 2023 and to be completed by November, 2023
- Must show clear objectives, timeline of activities and a budget not exceeding $5,000.00
- Must have a solid outcome, preferably with a product or an event showcase
- Must be available and showcased to the public, with more than 20 participants at least

- Applicant must include two references (teachers, principal, supervisor, mentor, etc)

sample project ideas

- Video production on reconciliation, anti-racism, arts, cultures, diversity and inclusion
- Social media/digital media relations such as online campaign, focus group, event, social media platform/app
- Cultural and diversity showcase/event/art gallery or paintings display
- Creation of a program that will be added to PAMC’s events and activities
- Anti-racism campaign, panel discussions, posters, etc.

for more information

CALL Komal Saxena, Youth Coordinator

306 922 0400

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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