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The Enhanced Career Bridging (ECB) program is a free career enhancement program provided by the Prince Albert Multicultural Council and funded by the Government of Saskatchewan.

The program is a 30 hour-per-week, 16-week long program that:

  • increases your skills needed to get and keep employment, including written and oral communication, job search, computer use, handling conflict, math, customer service, and other soft skills

  • offers a work placement to gain work experience and apply your skills

  • includes job search assistance to sharpen your resume, cover letters and interview skills

  • provides ongoing career guidance to maintain employment 


Provincial Training Allowance (PTA) is available for eligible participants.

The program is available to all eligible Applicants.

Please note that for persons whose first language is not English, a Canadian Language Benchmarks (or equivalent) minimum skill level of 6 or higher is required.

     The Enhanced Career Bridging (ECB)     


















Eligibility requirements to take part in our Enhanced Career Bridging (ECB) program include:

  • Must be 16 years of age or older

  • Must be unemployed or underemployed

  • Legally entitled to work in Canada (hold a valid Social Insurance Number and/or a valid work permit) AND one of the following:

    • The applicant is a born Canadian citizen

    • The applicant is a permanent resident 

    • The applicant is a temporary resident with a valid work permit who is authorized to remain in Canada for at least two months

    • The applicant is a Naturalized Canadian citizen

All eligible applicants must also:

  • Complete registration and language level assessment testing as necessary

  • Maintain satisfactory attendance in class and during work placement

  • Willing to comply with Saskatchewan's workplace safety; ex. Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board, etc. and PAMC's policies

For more information, please contact us at (306) 922 - 0400. 

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